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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Day

2 months training comes to the end now. You guys are awesome! I can see the willingness to learn new knowledge in everyone of you. Keep it up, because you're so young. 

Ready for your project presentation? Yes please. 
If no, it's ok, try your best for whatever effort you've put on your project; 
If you are not coming for presentation, please do come to give support to your fellow friends, and you can gain some ideas and input from their presentation; who knows?

All Ze best to you. And ...

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." —Ronald E. Osborn


  1. keep in touch... find me in fb: /limfuicheng ;)

  2. oo... hope u guys still visiting here, miss has a job recommend: system engineer in csc
    go ahead and reply if u consider yourself a fast learner n willing to learn

    cheers again ^^

  3. we will miss u ms irene :) keep in touch :)

    1. hahaha yes i am :) ms i wanna knw wer i can learn java server page and J2EE? i really wanna learn abt tem

    2. J2EE might be harder than PHP alot. Anyway, you can refer these links:

    3. thx u mis .. but i wanna learn them by lecturer or at tuition center .. but i couldnt find ri8 place for tem .. anyway thx alot ms .. tc :)