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Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 11 OnWards --- PHP

This is the link to the electronic text book we'll be using in our php & mySQL project lessons. For the source inside the book , you may download from phpSource

For Day 11 - 15, We'll be learning the php crash course, arrays, String manipulation and regex, etc.

  1. basic syntax, variable, data type, arithmetic operators,  variable functions I [gettype, is_bool, ]
  2. logical operators, ternary operator, Conditionals, loops, variable functions II[isset, unset, empty]
    • _GET['name'], _POST['name']
    • break, continue
    • return
  3. Arrays, array functions, multidimensional arrays
    • sizeof(), array_push(), array_pop(), array_shift(), array_unshift(), array_filter(), sort(), rsort()
  4. String Manipulation, string / text functions, regex
    • nl2br(), strlen(), trim(), strtoupper(),strtolower(), explode(),implode(), substr(), strstr(), preg_match(), str_replace(), split()
  5. Function, references(&), global
    • require(), include(), require_once(), include_once(), return, recursion

Here are some php fundamental tutorial, especially for those that are totally new to php and programming.  Check out the videos (eg: Syntax and Variables, Arrays, Modifying Arrays, Conditionals) and they'll definitely help you a lot in understanding the php basic.

Here's The Best Way to Learn PHP, if u keen to master PHP.


  1. Hi Ms Irene..!!
    Hope you will update your blog daily.
    I dont want to learn halfway..want to finish this course.
    Hope you can help me with this. Thank You!

    1. definitely u can learn php & mySQL Web Development anywhere; the important thing is u need to get ur hands dirty with coding. Try more exercises, more practices.